How it Works

Positional therapy is becoming more prevalent in sleep medicine as there is a strong correlation between body position and the frequency of snoring and apneic events during sleep. For many individuals there can be a significant improvement seen in reducing snoring, reducing AHI and improving overall sleep quality simply by avoiding sleeping in the supine position.

Positional therapy is achieved by using an aid to assist the body in avoiding the supine position during sleep. The Sleep Noodle works by using a foam insert that aligns along the back and that straps around the chest to hold in place while sleeping. This prevents being able to roll unknowingly during sleep on to the back where an increase of sleep disruptions can occur.

To make this aid even more successful for people, the Sleep Noodle UP foam insert is shaped flat on one side which allows for better placement on the back. The Sleep Noodle UP also has the ability for the foam insert to be worn either horizontally or vertically along the back which can increase compliance by giving the user more options to wear the aid comfortably through the night.

Since many people also tend to sweat through the night, the Sleep Noodle and Sleep Noodle UP contain a water-resistant foam insert and have a removable cover that can be washed and hanged to dry.

This positional aid can also be used in conjunction with other sleep therapies such as CPAP and/or oral appliances that all aim to improve sleep quality which is important in helping people to stay healthy.

I have been practicing dental sleep medicine for over a decade and I have found that contributors to sleep disorders are often multifactorial, sleep position being one of the most common. When I am incorporating positional therapy in my patient's treatment, I rely on the Sleep Noodle. It is easy to use, cost-effective, and reliable. I love it! I recommend it to not only my patients, but have recommended it to hundreds of dentists practicing dental sleep medicine in lectures and study groups as well. It is a tool every doctor should have in the tool box!  

Dr. Christopher Hart, DDS

American Academy of Clear Aligners, Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine


The primary difference between Sleep Noodle and Sleep Noodle UP is the alignment of the noodle. Sleep Noodle offers a horizontal noodle alignment, while Sleep Noodle UP offers both vertical and horizontal alignment. Some users are completely satisfied with the noodle in the horizontal position, but then there are users who may be more comfortable when the noodle is aligned parallel with their spine. In addition, the Sleep Noodle UP foam insert has been improved to add comfort but maintain a strong foundation to avoid the user from sleeping on their back.

Please refer to the sizing chart on the product pages. By measuring around your chest, you will be able to determine the best size.

Airways become more narrow when sleeping on your back due to gravity and the relaxation of tissues near the back of your throat. By changing your sleep position, you can open up your airways and potentially prevent snoring.

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