Sleep Noodle UP Positional Sleep Aid
Sleep Noodle UP Positional Sleep Aid
Sleep Noodle UP Positional Sleep Aid
Sleep Noodle UP Positional Sleep Aid
Sleep Noodle UP Positional Sleep Aid
Sleep Noodle UP Positional Sleep Aid
Sleep Noodle UP Positional Sleep Aid
Sleep Noodle UP Positional Sleep Aid

Sleep Noodle UP Positional Sleep Aid

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Snoring can often be improved or eliminated when sleepers stop sleeping on their back. This is due to improved airflow while breathing. The Sleep Noodle helps to provide positional therapy while sleeping in bed.

  • A simpler & more natural anti-snore solution
  • Excellent cost effective positional therapy
  • Noodle can be worn horizontally or vertically
  • Premium foam insert designed for comfort but still maintains sturdiness needed for positional sleep
  • Non-slip breathable mesh belt with enhanced hook and loop fastener
  • Self-healing zipper

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The position is UP to you

Sleep Noodle UP stands for Universal Positioner. Specially designed to allow the user to wear the noodle in a horizontal or vertical alignment.


The primary difference between Sleep Noodle and Sleep Noodle UP is the alignment of the noodle. Sleep Noodle offers a horizontal noodle alignment, while Sleep Noodle UP offers both vertical and horizontal alignment. Some users are completely satisfied with the noodle in the horizontal position, but then there are users who may be more comfortable when the noodle is aligned parallel with their spine. In addition, the Sleep Noodle UP foam insert has been improved to add comfort but maintain a strong foundation to avoid the user from sleeping on their back.

Please refer to the sizing chart on the product pages. By measuring around your chest, you will be able to determine the best size.

Airways become more narrow when sleeping on your back due to gravity and the relaxation of tissues near the back of your throat. By changing your sleep position, you can open up your airways and potentially prevent snoring. Click here to learn more about the science behind positional sleep.

Always remove the internal foam noodle before washing the Sleep Noodle. This is done by unzipping the pouch, and pulling the noodle outwards, past the zipper. The Sleep Noodle includes a self-healing zipper. If the zipper separates, simply zip and re-zip to repair. You may be required to bend the foam slightly to pass the zippered area. Never force the zipper open or closed. Always store foam noodle in a clean dry area while cleaning belt.

Do not place in washing machine. Hand washing will extend the life of the Sleep Noodle and keep hook & loop fastener from picking up material from adjacent clothes. Prepare a warm bath in a sink or container, with a mild detergent. Do not use any type of bleach to clean.

Immerse the Sleep Noodle belt into the water for a short period of time. Scrub areas with a soft brush in areas requiring additional attention. Once clean, remove Sleep Noodle from bath, and allow to drain excess water. Replace the soapy bath water with clean fresh water.

Immerse the Sleep Noodle once again for a short period of time, allowing any soap residue to be removed. Remove Sleep Noodle from water, allowing time to air dry before reinserting the foam noodle and closing the pouch with the zipper. Do not iron or place in dryer.